^Neptune commented on a Page, Raw help  -  Sep 30, 2008


1) Hmm.. doesn't do that for me. I'll try a few alternate "strategies" and see how it goes.
2) Haven't had this error. Is there any error messages, and what raw did that happen on?
3) If you could provide some information on these, or even list them so I can find out about them, I'd be happy to add them in.
4) Removed.
5) Nice idea. I'll do that now.
6) What's the point of that? If you want to see it, you can see it in the dialog. You don't have to message it. :P
7) Well.. it doesn't harm anything.
8) 215 works perfectly well for me.

Info: A series of these are sent in reply to a STATS i request.
Syntax: 215 I ipmask hostmask port class
Example: 215 I
@204.127.145. NOMATCH 0 3
Supported by: All
Notes: A STATS i request (I-lines) lists classes of clients that are allowed to connect to a server.
See also: 215 (multiple lines), 219

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