Scakk commented on a Page, Raw help  -  Sep 30, 2008

Few issues still.

1) The blinking when loading the info into the dialog is still there for me.
2) The 'Please Wait' popup does not always disappear when it is done putting the info into the dialog.
3) You have not also added the 4/5 raw numerics I mentioned to you.
4) You also have a button and a link to the website which is redundant.
5) Should make it if the 'View Categories' part is open and you choose a raw from the left side it should hide the categories and change the text on the button as needed.
6) Instead of not letting you send the info to the Status Window make it echo there instead so you can see it and not disturb people in a channel.
7) The 'Ok' button is not needed as the Red X does the same thing.
8) I know of at least one raw numeric that does not show all the info in the dialog ( 215 ). There maybe others.

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