a careful warchild commented on a Page, Secure Query For A Bot  -  Sep 26, 2008

Well jordy lil fella he isnt wrong its not secure if its ANYTHING its an exploit,put it this way kiddo if some one wanted to they could connect bots or just have a buncha friends ot just all out flood your sorry lil bot via timers and or while loops ( dont condone flooding ;p ) but they can do any of thse and trigger your lil auto message and close command now that said your bot is doin a few things #1 its sending 3 messages to the person that opened the query now after that it will then send a message to the bot owner now after that it closes the query window ,NOW think about it guy if just lets say 10 bots or say a timer 10 0 .msg bot lawlz was to happen thats 30 query messages sent and 10 notices to the unexpecting bot owner plus 20 window actions.Im guessing your lil bot will disconnect from the net work,and then you'll have one pissed off bot owner for bein flooded by his or her own bot.

NOW take this code out of his or her bot what do we have,0 query messages 0 notices and 0 window closes ,all you have is a buncha open query windows correct? then all you have to do is //close -m and they all go away.Rofl infact you could just ''/timer 0 60 close -m '' and be done with it.There explained ^_^'.`-.-´

so all i do is

.timer 0 60

and thats my flood protection...

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