HumanTorch commented on a Page, A Nick completer  -  Sep 03, 2008

Hahaha, yeah, the tab feature is useful but in some networks, like mine, we have users with a random nickname, like: NetworkUser07382 .... If in a channel there is a lot of users with that kind of nickname, the tab feature is a lil bit useless... You need to tab a lot of times...

But when I clicked this topic, I was expecting something like a code to add some symbols in the nickname.. Like, I type "User: Hey, how are you?", and in the channel appears "»'User'«: Hey, how are you?"... Something like that...

I realise that there is a lot of scripts with that feature, but I'm using the "pure" mIRC, and I'm adding some features on my own, so it can be full customizable by me... And I'm searching for that code because I'm too lazy to do one! I know there's one out there, already made! So, why do one if there is one available?! :P

Has anyone got a clue where I can find this? Thanks!

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