mannix143 commented on a Page, Trivia  -  Aug 29, 2008

is there a way to make this accept multiple answer?


Question: Capital of New york?

nick1 - Albany
Quick typing!!! nick1 gets 7 points. (cps 3.90), (WPM 4.45) <-just for example

nick2 - Albany
nick2 gets 3 points. (cps 3.50), (WPM 2.25)

nick3 - albany
nick3 gets 2 points. (cps 2.15), (WPM 2.00)

nick4 - albany
nick4 gets 1 point (cps 1.90), (WPM 1.71)

Something like that would be nice....because if someone is very fast in typing, and the bot only accepts the first right answer.... the fastest one will only have scores(and what if the slower one plays at the same time with the faster one in an hour, the slower one will have no point if they play at the same time). at least with this, theres a complimentary points to the other people playing.


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