Viper01 commented on a Page, Over 9000 (umm..I dunno what it's called)  -  Aug 26, 2008

i just tested it and now i can quote a couple rules to you:

Snippet MUST WORK - Due to yours being thrown together from 2 different scripts, theres no link between them and nothing happens. Also missing a closing bracket ( } )

Must include URL to original script or snippet if you did not build it from scratch. - I'm not seeing any URLs. granted you supplied the names of them but if you search for 'autovoice' roughly 30 or more popup.

This is why you:
1) read the help file
2) make your own scripts your own way
3) test it and MAKE SURE it works
4) refine the script as best you can, not using parts from other scripts you dont understand

I'm not being an asshole just to be an asshole. Just trying to help you learn.

Also sorry about double posting.

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