Darkkeeper commented on a Page, Naruto NinjaRpg V1.0 (Remotes)  -  Jul 20, 2008

OK, b4 i continue my other little DCC RPG project, imm work on V2 of this bot since it will take alot less time than my DCC RPG im working on... V2 will be on here soon, but if its too large i\'ll post it on another site and give the link here.... V2 will have alot of edits, a login, a admin command to add jutsus, items, characters, and NPC\'s. i\'ve also got alot more planed for it, so you will have to wait for V2 too see ;) its been over a year since i posted V1 and i\'ve jsut been too lazy to make a newer version.... I\'ve learned alot more abotu scripting so you can expect V2 to be ALOT better.... i will also greatly test each part of it b4 releasing it....

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