eeep commented on a mIRC Script, Channel Limiter (Bot Version) v1.2  -  Jul 08, 2008


This is a fantastic script; however, if I may speak candidly, I\'d like to offer a few suggestions for a future update/rewrite:

1: Limit should be completely removed during a netsplit and should not be set until users have returned. Or at least the limit should not be modified/adjusted during a netsplit. This will give everyone a chance to come back without having to wait for the bot to make appropriate adjustments.

2: Limit should be set on a timer [perhaps 30 seconds to a minute], and after every 2, 5, or even 10 joins, parts, kicks and quits. I am running v1.2 in one of my bots and it seems to be setting the limit after EVERY j/p/k/q, and instantly instead of waiting. That is beginning to frustrate some users.

Great job...Hope to see a new version soon. :)



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