EL commented on a Page, !8ball  -  Jul 04, 2008

ROFL why would anyoen even want to ripp of another 8ball script let alone code a 8ball script? .Their lame.suggestion to i dunno make it not so lame.First have a text file for 8ball answers ,allow ppl to add the 8ball answers if they want(ppl in the room),maybe add rewards and effects to the answers , like if the answer is good you get hop or bad you get kicked out the channel with an smart ass kick message.Try OTHER things to set your code apart.And please test \'\'your\'\' code before you post,theres no reason for a missing closing bracket on any script ,top right hand side of teh editor theres a check buton(newer versions) or a bracket box [] (older versions) and fix the errors.`-.-´

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