frishy commented on a Page, !poll / !vote script  -  Jul 01, 2008

rofl. im gonna presume ur joking.

i only came back today just to look how thing changed, im not gonna reinstall mirc and spend my time on finding out why ur script doesnt work.

if you have other scripts in your remotes that possibly could affect it, but seriously i cannot help any further, my mirc scripting days are well over.

you have 3 options

1 try putting the code in a blank remotes section to see if it works then

2 adjust the code to see if you can fix it for your mirc

3 give up on the snippet

Another possibility is that they updated mirc in which my script no longer works. IDK why that would happen if it did (probably not, who knows) but this is the only help i can give ;p, i mean the code is too complex for me to be revising over (and im lazy ;p)

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