frishy commented on a Page, !poll / !vote script  -  Jul 01, 2008

my old email doesnt work so made a new account since forgot password lol and i dont go on mirc anymore.

$addtok has a format of:
In the script above, it looks like there is only:
$addtok(%pollresults,[ $+ $gettok(%voteoptions,%toknum,9) $+ $gettok(%nforoptions,%toknum,44) ],0,32)

from what i remember (may be wrong) the last parameter is optional so if you leave the last one out then there is a null being added between each token so combines the strings.

Anyway the script was fine when i used to use it and im sure it didnt have any errors.

eugenio did u type !poll when u had the script yourself, if so then thats ur problem this script is used for a bot but can easily be changed to on input.

RESULTPOLLCODE Unknown command

erm and what is the point in /pollcode or w/e it is ?!?

/resultpollcode is a subroutine because im lazy and no point since i quit mirc ;p i can only assube that its an alias to neaten the coding, to save code repetition (possibly coz mine used to have an on input too)

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