OliMaylen commented on a Page, server !seen and !idle scripts  -  Apr 20, 2008

Hi there, I\'m new to the site & new to IRC scripting. This is the first time I have studied it & the first time editing it, (learning as I go) so go easy on me if there are glaringly obvious errors.

I really liked this script as it was the only one I could find that used WHOIS to find a user that was not in the channel. I added it to a mIRC bot, (Yourbot IRC Bot 4.5.2) which was intergrated into mIRC v6.2, but the last user action (ie: Kick, Quit, Part etc) database wouldnt function properly & the script would freeze giving the bot client the error message: * Invalid format: $left (line 17, seen.mrc).

After some playing with the code & changing the v6.2 mIRC exe for the new v6.31 exe, the script works exactly as it should for my bot.

Like I said, it worked for me, there may have been a much easier way to sort the problem, but I didn\'t know it. :-) Thought I would share this in case other people had the same problem, or to see if there was an easier way of fixing the problem.

The code I changed was:

raw 402:*: {
  if (%xseen) {
    if (!$hget(xSeen,%xseen.target)) { msg %xseen.chan 12Sorry,4 %xseen.target 12was not found in my database, or on the server. }
    if ($hget(xSeen,%xseen.target)) {
      var %xseen.data $left($hget(xSeen,%xseen.target),1) 
      tokenize 32 $hget(xSeen,%xseen.target)
      if ($1 = Q) { msg %xseen.chan %xseen.target was last seen Quitting (Quit Message: $4- $+ ) $duration($calc($ctime - $3)) ago. }
      if ($1 = S) { msg %xseen.chan %xseen.target was last seen by me on the server $duration($calc($ctime - $3)) ago. }
      if ($1 = K) { msg %xseen.chan %xseen.target was last seen being kicked from $4 (Kick Reason: $5- $+ ) $duration($calc($ctime - $3)) ago. }
      if ($1 = P) { msg %xseen.chan %xseen.target was last seen parting $4 (Part Reason: $5- $+ ) $duration($calc($ctime - $3)) ago. }
      if ($1 = N) { msg %xseen.chan %xseen.target was last seen changing his/her nick to $4 $duration($calc($ctime - $3)) ago. }
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