Tsuiseki commented on a Page, Configurable 8ball  -  Mar 23, 2008

Well, it is a step-up to those many repetitive 8ball scripts out there, so I credit you for the originality, just a few suggestions:

1) In you /state alias, you can easily shorten it using $iif and taking all of those numbers and putting them into one command. Here is an example of what I mean:

alias state did $iif($1 = 1,-e,-b) 8ball 2,3,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,23

2) Why not use a listbox and have a user add different answers? You could store all these answers in a text file and use $read.
3) Your script also requires the dialog to be open in the text event, what if a user doesn\'t keep it open? This could also be solved by using my second suggestion.

Good luck, just try finding a way to store answers and shorten your code.


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