Rebellious commented on a Page, anti flood at it's simplest  -  Jan 30, 2008

You\'re completely right as to how I explained what my code does. I was brief and too vague. I also agree with you that new scripters would look at that code and be like \"wtf\"? However, I think that scripters should apply themselves. There is a helpfile, there are tutorials. And if some users took the time to experiment and try out the codes I used in different scripts, etc. then they would have an understanding.

I think that users should apply themselves as they would for education or something that they feel to be passionate about. If they can accomplish that, then they become more advanced. They would
probably be given ways to script better when they posted a script for reviewing. Thus, they\'d learn some time.

But, it depends on the way a user takes the pace of learning. So, I can\'t really be too judgmental of this> :O

Anyway, I was just trying to post a way that it could be accomplished cleaner and attempted for users to understand. But I guess that didn\'t work too well XD.

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