Solo commented on a Page, anti flood at it's simplest  -  Jan 29, 2008

Not that i want to get into an argument here as it would just go around in circles. But all you are doing is teaching users bad habits, i have made some good suggestions to improve your coding but you have chosen to ignore them with rhetoric. You say a user will only get spammed it they continually access the command? well you better damned make sure that they do not get spammed as your code should be prepared for that especially when all it is, is addding a . infront of the timer so the users don\'t see it triggering and stopping. Also as mentioned using a timer to unset a variable is ugly and a lot more confusing then just using a simple -u switch
It should be important that users see good coding practice how ever simple the code! I am not going to turn this into a flaming war but i do think that the standards of code being submitted to this site has dropped drastically and from other posters i get the idea that i am not the only one.

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