Rebellious commented on a Page, My little Away System  -  Jan 06, 2008

/unset %var1 %var2 Had nothing to do with colors. It means you can just use unset %off.niks %off.iemesls instead of:

unset %off.niks
unset %off.iemesls

Also, if you want colors doesn\'t mean others want them. Maybe make colors configurable.

I know i said that text in like a shit, reason: i dont write good in english, because im latvian. :) Ah, that\'s not as improtant as improving you\'re coding right now. Just a little side something. Maybe try to add optional english when update this a lot. You may not write good in english, but it\'s worth the effort and I am sure some users would prefer bad english to an entirely different language.
Btw, I really am not trying to sound harsh. It\'s just constructive criticism. :P

Good luck on this. ^^

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