MoNoXiDe commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 21, 2007

Wow thanks a lot! I added the code (under the trans alias) and you in the credits :)

Updated it guys.

Unfortunately I found another bug, if you have more than one function in the code, the solver doesn\'t work. So if you try to solve (sinx)(cosx)=0.2 no luck. I rooted the problem to be the with parser, after it sorts out the first function, it doesn\'t continue to the next one, it just stops.

The parser does this: $parser(sin(30)-3.4) returns 0.5-3.4 and then you can put that into $calc. However if you do (sin(30)+sin(30)-3.4), it returns 0.5+0-3.4. I really have no idea how to solve it. the stript function doesn\'t need any editing, it\'s just the regsubex of the parser, but I have no idea how to do it, I know next to nothing about regex now.

alias parser return $regsubex($regsubex($1,/(?<=sin|asin|acos|atan|cos|tan|log|sqrt)(\\\\d+)/g,(\\\\t)),/((?:sin|asin|acos|atan|cos|tan|log|sqrt).+?\\\\051)/g,$($ $+ $stript(\\\\t,1) $+ $chr(40) $+ $stript(\\\\t) $+ $chr(41) $+ .deg,2)).

It\'s not that important anyway, but just would be nice to have a complete solver. Thanks a lot for before though TropNul :)

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