MoNoXiDe commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 20, 2007

Haha yeah, I uploaded a dodgy version, sorry guys, updated and fixed :)

TropNul I\'ll try to add comments later on today or by tomorrow if I get time.

However I need some help with a regsubex expression, I coded this over 6 months ago and only learnt regex over the weekend especially for this. I have forgotton it all...

I need it so that if there is a letter before an x, the x gets replaced to (x). Eg, sinx becomes sin(x) and cosx becomes cos(x) etc. I\'m not sure if this is possible but if xx could be (x)(x) as well?

Note: the log function in mIRC seems to be bugged. Rather than being the standard base 10, it works at base 2.718281306 which is really weird. Anyone know how to get base 10 in mIRC? For this reason the log solve function is acting very strangely. It was base 10 in previous versions of mIRC..

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