EL commented on a Page, Bot Commands Owner/Master/User.  -  Dec 19, 2007

Ok first an for most this wont work with brackets messed up /help brackets.And i wont test this cause i can read the errors and just made a chanop/IRCop/Admin bot like yesterday and with that said i\'ll point out some things for you an im not bein mean i want you to understand what your doin.#1) on shit:JOIN:#:{ /kick # $nick Shitlisted! <-- thats gunna flood the room with kicks an not only flood the channel but flood your bot out and or the shitlisted person.so lets do this EXP:on shit:JOIN:#:{ /kick # $nick Shitlisted! | mode $chan +b $address($nick,4) } <--Or with out the extra commands use ban -uk300 or wat ever you want the ban to be unset at(i use the extra timer and mode outta personal habit).You still get to kick the person but they are baned aswell,preventing kick floods an excess floods on both sides.#2: This is not effective : if ($1 == !ban) mode $chan +b $address($2,4) <-- ok they are banned and wats the point of a ban?..To keep them out..ok then so why are they still within the channel?..Add a kick and make it with a timer to prevent a auto kick rejoin so they dont beat the ban..And you ll prolly say that i have a !kick well why use 2 commands when u can use one.#3: This is a bad idea if ($1 == !quiet) mode $chan +q $address($2,4) <--because quieting a host is the same as banning a host others can be effected by it its better if you +m (strict moderation may speak) the channel and !voice nicknamehere then take a risk of pissin off your chatters from quieting them on the same note baning hosts should be timed to come off an not stay again you can prevent other chatters from entering your channel.#4 This wont work if ($1 == !join) /join #$2 <--because you have the # rite next to the $2 for no reason when you take out the # an type !join #mirc the bot will join the channel #mirc same goes for the !part commands as well.Lastly cause im sure im just bugging ya now picking your code apart but i feel its important you are aware,so lastly is if ($1 == !kline) kline $address($2,4) Kline Command used by $nick <---you k-lining the host not the full isp bad move you should use raws to get the isp then k-line i dont have time to show you that atm.And with all you commands to take away a user mode they have to be in the channel or in a channel you in with then other then the channel you set the mode,meaning you !ban nick and kick them an they aren\'t in another channel you are you cant !unban nick cause there isnt anything for your bot to target but your can use .ini/.txt/hash/% to save the nick/host to call it back later.And just cause im here i mite as well sorry yeah im not done sue me later lol.Ok you have no way to set up owner so nothing will work any ways should add yourself manually to the master section in your user list so you can use the commands to set others up.And just cause im extremely picky after $2 use $3- <---adds a reason !kick nick ownyeah now i think im done.hmm old snippet doubt you ll see this anyways but oh well someone mite.oh and tell \"g0d\" to read this is you see him o her.W0rd `-.-

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