Cheiron commented on a Page, IP / Nick tracker  -  Dec 18, 2007

yeah unfortunately not all the ip\'s get resolved by the server/client. nought can be done there about that with the @123.456.789.IP style returns. as for the same nick thing there EL.. everytime someone joins, it returns the info it has on them if it has only seen them with a set nick and no others, then it will return that. but it stores all the info on a notepad document. the reason i have done that is i share the seen info with my ops team for their scripts as they do not stay on 24/7. hence the notepad. all they do is swap my notepad copy for theirs to bring it up to date for if i am afk or something, then they can see who is who with regards any in channel notes we have on a nick (ban evasion, trouble maker, troll, etc) hope that explains a bit for you both.

many thanks for the scoring and hope you enjoy using the script. please check out my other scripts also. i dont do run of the mill ones usuall

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