EL commented on a Page, IP / Nick tracker  -  Dec 17, 2007

Works well I like it alot actually and i dont have a !seen system so this is nice for me.Not sure about it gathering data on every join, figure it would be unnecessary if the nickname an address are the same as before,clearly not all people register nicks so 2 people one uses it an logs off then another person uses the same nick an joins then it sends the data to the @window.Another issue i had with is this: ip !@XXXXX.dsl.bell.ca
altnicks: Sunny Vid-Cleaning Vid
full names: Shadow java
last seen on 17/12/2007
Spotted In: #mIRC
End Sunny ------------------------------------------
See the hosts are the same with the nickname Sunny and Vid-Sleeping they are both in Canada.So for both nicknames you get data from one another cause of the host.Also useing a different mask would i think help with my previous issue with the multiple data from the same nick/host.Useing nick/indent/host may be the cure.I personally will change the address to the full isp.is nice some tweakage an its ace.Good job and 7/10.`-.-

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