Pangaea commented on a Page, Disobedient bot  -  Nov 19, 2007

give the lad a break, sheesh...
hes putting the effort into learning a new skill,
dont fucking dis anyone, just cause they are not up to your fecking level.

im in particular talking about mountaindew & Sora- u shower of aggressive tikes... ur obviously lacking life substance, & im assuming
you have alot of problems with relationships in general.

your not helping him at all, ur belittling him just based on his level of understanding, with a nasty \"bully\" type attitude, the type of attitude that really gets to me, \"i know more then another person, therfor i shall look down on him, and only give him 2nd rate advice with an extreamly aggressive attitude.\"

Nobody wants to be in your little \"im gods gift to mirc\" exclusive club mate.

How dare you abuse somone whos starting and trying his/her hardest.

DemonicDerek666, keep up the work, ur doing fine, although u need improvements, take no notice from the forum old fogy\'s and bullys, go at your own pace, and best of luck with it.

Best Regards Pan.

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