brinxy commented on a Page, Subtle Away Script  -  Nov 18, 2007

well the reason it doesnt have the amsg feature and ect.. is because i wanted it to be simple and sweet. and im in help channels s the amsg away isnt welcomed there. which is why its just a simple away on query. No this isnt my first script. and the reason for the timers is if someone else trys to flood you bcause they know you have an automated query, it makes it so the automated msg is only active every 10 seconds so your not flooded out. Thanks for the comments and the inputs tho, i love to hear your thoughts and ideas. and ive tested the script and it works perfectly fine.

Yes, but mIRC\'s built-in automated response doesn\'t flood you out either. It may flood the user with the notice, but you aren\'t actually giving it off. /away won\'t give off an amsg either. But whatever you want is fine.

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