brinxy commented on a Page, Mp3 Dialog v1.3  -  Nov 16, 2007

For most of the functionality, you did a good job. Would be excellent to add a directory without making a new playlist. I would also like to see an add file and remove file option because I have quite a bit of songs loaded in my directory. That would make the playlist option better.

For the coding, not so good. I\'m surprised that it makes it easier for you to understand. /\'s usually tend to make coding look sloppy and confusing in my opinion. I\'d strongly recommend you remove them, but that isn\'t significant. You also lack error checking. (Opening dialogs is an example.)

For the way you handle your files, I think you can improve upon that as well. Your writeini can\'t support 64k or more (going back to large directories). I\'d use hash tables, or just make the writeini command /writeini -n.

I\'d like to see a scroll bar instead of two buttons to seek though the song. That way the user could get more exact with the position. It would be good to make your options into a separate dialog, the actual mp3 dialog itself would look a lot neater. Another thing I noticed in a lot of the mp3s on here, when they have volume seeking in their snippet, is that they skip to a certain percentage instead of scrolling regularly. If you could change your current buttons to a scrollbar as well, that\'d be great.

Perhaps add an id3 editor, and more options as to the display. (Such as size and album for example.)

After that novel, I\'d have to say you put a lot of effort and tried to create a decent mp3 player. You did, and I credit you for that. If you just included some updates and fixes, you\'d have an even better snippet. Very good job.

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