spitfire3292 commented on a Page, Disobedient bot  -  Nov 15, 2007

Actually mountain dew $2oo isn\'t an identifier at all. $2 is. $2oo will return what $2 is and oo. Try it out.

alias test $1oo[/code[

type /test h
Should return hoo. The same goes with $2, $3, etc. It\'s just how mIRC evaluates the param identifiers.

Now guys dont be hard on him. He might have misunderstood this place as an area where he can get help.

I realize your new to scripting. One thing is you dont need to repeat the event each line. You can use an if statement to see \"if ($1 = !op) { ... }\" etc. all in the one TEXT event. Also make sure you\'ve tested your scripts. If they\'ve been tested and they work. We\'ll be just as proud it worked as you were when you realized it worked properly. Just a couple tips and heads-up for future posts :) Myself and many other users on here would be glad to help you. Just hit us up with a PM or you can personally contact me at \"irc.swiftirc.net -j #msl\" or IRC PM me on that network as the nick Wave or Spitfire3292. 

Sorry about the long post :P
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