guest598594 commented on a Page, Disobedient bot  -  Nov 15, 2007

alright basically this script sucks, why dont u try testing it...

1) u spelled else wrong
2) for multiple commands to { cmnd1 | cmnd2 }
3) where the hell have u seen on (text !op) ??? its if ($1 == !op)
4) $2oo isnt an identifier
5) ur just writing text w/o msg $chan
6) ur donig like ruser $nick msg $chan w/o seperating it
7) u have an extra bracket
8) u said +b $nick, its mode $chan +b $nick
9) %nick isnt defined
11) \"this bot will kick you whenever you use its commands\", no it wont

  on (Text !delshit) ruser delete shit $2 msg $chan You Fucked up Bad 

uh no i believe ur the one that fucked up bad this time buddy

i rate 1/10

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