guest598594 commented on a Page, Mp3 Dialog v1.3  -  Nov 14, 2007

use .timer so it duznt show in status

when u delet a directory, i dont get why u have ppl input the playlist

thats about the only stuff i found bad about it, i love this, u did a great job

on this one, i can actually tell what the features do, and i love the idea of how u output song details where u can customize it

i also like how u say the volume percent in the title, very unique and helpful, i was gonna say u should display current volume, but i looked and u did!

i also like how u can fast forward w/ this, and it updates the time in the title even whe u ff/rw

but one thing, when i click >>, and repeat is checked, it goes to the next song and duznt repeat

also, im gettin these errors:

  • /splay: no such file \'.mp3\' (line 120, script2.mrc)
  • /amsg: not connected to server (line 307, script2.mrc)
  • /splay: no such file \'pause\' (line 199, script2.mrc)

the splay error comes from when its stopped, and i try to hit pause, and i imagine the amsg is when i click quick msg display, and im not connected;two little bugs.

other than that, i rly like this, u did a great job, and im keepin it on my mirc :P

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