Kyousoukyoku commented on a Page, !bottle  -  Oct 16, 2007

Instead of using /inc and an extraordinarily long variable, why not use /set %currentplayer $nick and change the if event to

 if (%currentplayer (!)= $nick) { etc } 

Also, there is no need to use a local variable and $gettok, why not just make an alias that does that? I made one:

 alias -l rprop { return $($+($,$r(1,$0)),2) } 

Basically returns a random token out of the string. For example: $rprop(testing,this,alias) could return testing, this, or alias. So you could make the $gettok and local variable to $rprop(kiss,kiss,smooch,etc,etc). But that\'s what I would do and you don\'t necessarily have anything wrong with your code. Just some suggestions. Good job and nice idea though. I might make a snippet like this even though their are millions of spin the bottle snippets out there. ;]

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