simplicity commented on a Page, [OLD] Announce Script 1.0  -  Sep 14, 2007

This is moderate. There are a few errors I found though.

  1. $read(A.txt) will return a random line from your announcements. Try using this code:
var %x = 1
while (%x <= $lines(A.txt)) { 
 ; This line returns if the total number of lines in a text is more than 1
 .timer 1 2 msg $chan $read(A.txt,%x) | inc %x
 ; This line broadcasts to the channel the announcements with a timer. This is to prevent flooding. The $read(A.txt,%x) reads a specific line in the text. The %x varaible will add 1 to its current number each time. And until the events ends, it will keep on msging the channel with the %x line in the txt file.

Remove the ; comments if you end up using the code. I just wanted to explain what everything does. ;)

  1. There needs to be a space between the $read and the closing bracket.

  2. Remove the /\'s (not really an error). It\'s better coding that way. ;)

Other then that, nice idea. I recommend you add a feature to remove a specific line of text from the txt file.

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