hixxy commented on a Page, Whois dialog  -  Sep 12, 2007

Seeing as RoninWarrior didn\'t say what was wrong with your alignment, I\'ll have a go:

  • You have a list of editboxes going down the dialog, but they\'re all different sizes, which means that they\'re not aligned on the right hand side. Make them all the same width, so that they start at the same point on the left and end at the same point on the right. Even if you don\'t need all of that space for the boxes, it\'s space that is otherwise going unused, so there\'s no problem with using up a bit more space to make the dialog look that little bit neater.

  • Your \"Exit\" button is not in line with the combo box next to it. It\'s 1 or 2 pixels up from it.

  • Your \"Common Channels\" box could line up with the bottom of the \"Away\" box and the top of the \"Idle\" box, and if you add a little bit of whitespace you could also make the \"Name\" box line up with your \"Clones\" box at the top.

  • The \"Registered\" text is not in line with the rest of the text down the left hand side of your dialog.

  • Your six radio buttons are just kinda thrown in the middle of nowhere and not aligned with any of the controls around it, and nothing states what they do.

I\'m going to try and reposition everything in your dialog to show you how I think it should look, I\'ll post it later.

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