guest598594 commented on a Page, Mimic System  -  Aug 21, 2007
on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !mimic) && ($nick isop $chan) {
    if (!$2) {
      msg $chan 2[G]15iVe Me A NiCk To MiMiC.
      msg $chan !mimic <nick> <secs>
    elseif ($3 isnum 1-) {
      set %mimic $2 
      set %mimicnick $nick
      msg $chan 2 $+ [H]15eY $2 I WiLl CoPy WhAtEvEr YoU SaY.
      msg $chan 2 [I]15 WiLl NoW MiMiC $2 FoR $3 SeCoNdS 
      timer 1 $3 msg $chan 2 %mimic [I]15s No LoNgEr BeInG MiMiCeD YoUr TiMe RaN OuT.
      timer 1 $3 unset %mimic %mimicnick
    elseif ($nick !isop $chan) {
      msg $chan YoU dOnT hAvE tHe PoWeR tO dO tHaT!
  elseif ($1 == !unmimic) {
    if ($nick == %mimicnick) {
      msg $chan 2 $+ %mimic [A]15ww CmOn WhY YoU GoTtA Do ThAt.
      unset %mimic
    else msg $chan 2[Y]15oU wErEnT tHe NiCk ThAt SaId !MiMiC
  if ($nick == %mimic) {
    msg $chan $1- 
on *:Action:*:#:{
  if ($nick == %mimic) {
  Describe $chan $1-

i wrote this b4 i came to this, i saw u wrote it in xdaemon\'s profile...and then i saw ppl wanted it to be if nick is op\'d, i added that too, and made it less messy. also, i made it so only the person that did !mimic can do !unmimic

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