Callison1 commented on a Page, Staccia's ChanTalk  -  Aug 19, 2007

I deleted the original \'listnicklist\' alias, and changed the \'listnicks\' alias\' name to \'listnicklist\' and both occurrences of listnicks in the script to \'listnicklist\' , and changed the new \'listnicklist\' alias to

alias listnicklist {
  var %i = 1
  did -r ChanTalk 44
  set %nick $nick(%chan,%i)
  if %nick == $null goto done
  if %nick isop %chan did -az ChanTalk 44  @ $+ %nick 
  if %nick ishelp %chan did -az ChanTalk 44  % $+ %nick 
  if %nick isvoice %chan did -az ChanTalk 44  + $+ %nick 
  if %nick isreg %chan did -az ChanTalk 44  %nick 
  inc %i
  goto next

I then changed the on dialog sclick 45 event to:

on *:DIALOG:ChanTalk:sclick:45: {
  if ($did($dname,46)) { did -r ChanTalk 41 | did -r ChanTalk 44 | set %chan $did($dname,46) | did -a ChanTalk 41 ----NOW TALKING IN $did($dname,46) $+ ---- | listnicklist | did -r chantalk 46 }

That gets rid of the timers and updates the nick list instantly. There will need to be an event to update the status when someone changes a nick\'s status in a channel.

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