|MELIORITE| commented on a Page, !gtfo  -  Jun 06, 2007

If you can\'t get back to the channel on part, I\'m not sure anybody will know when to invite you back. If you only want it to work in the active channel ($2), then rather than enter the channel name: eg. !gtfo #channelname, it would be simpler to have something like:

on *:text:!gtfo:#: {
  part $active ...

since the snippet already only identifies the entry of text and the parting of the specified channel ($2). However, if you\'re bot is in 20 channels and you only want it to part a specified channel, the channel entry remains, but rather than having to go to that channel and type !gtfo <#chan>, you could msg the bot with the command:

on 500:text:!gtfo*:*: {
  part $2... 

This allows both a channel command and a private msg command to the bot. I have included for example, user level access 500, because if there are no access levels, as this currently stands, anybody could tell your bot to !gtfo...

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