Chevy commented on a Page, Diffrent Kinds of kicks  -  May 04, 2007

menu query,nicklist {
.Swearing:kick # $nick Plz Do Not Swear
.Harrasing:kick # $nick Harrasing is not allowed in this room
.Flood:kick # $nick Please don\'t flood
.Caps:kick # $nick Please do not use words in caps
.Kick:kick # $nick $?=\"Reason:\"
.Spam:kick # $nick Please don\'t Spam
.Finger:Kick # $nick Don\'t Finger me $1
.Version:kick # $nick Don\'t Version me $1
.Time:kick # $nick It\'s about that time you bought your self a clock
.Ping:kick # $nick Don\'t Ping me $$1

And Also You Should Make A Ban In It.

.Ban:ban # $address($$1,4)
.Ban Kick:ban # $address($$1,4) | .kick # $$1 $$?=\"Kick N Ban Msg\"

Just A Good Idea Cause You Would Be Able To Put Your Ban Reason N Kick And All That Incase You Didn\'t Have A Reason Kick For What Some One Was Doing?
But It\'s a good script you made but keep adding to it and everything :)

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