Lindrian commented on a Page, Away system v0.9 - With dialog! [UPDATED!]  -  Mar 21, 2007

As I forgot to mention in the post aboved (cant edit posts, deleteing em fucks with my browser on this computer for some reason XD)

Anyhow, it\'ll also have a new menu, with alot more versions.


  • Deop on away (Yourself)
  • On input you set urself back
  • Remind all channels that you\'re afk etc.
  • New menu with alot of cool functions (Still working on the hard part, might not be able to do it)
  • Increased leangth on names & reasons in status window
  • Fixed the critical bug of the edit function.
  • Still deciding if i shall fix the status window, to add and show all the new functions there, not sure yet, as it\'ll require alot of work.

But but ;)
We\'ll see! Feedback is what I want.

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