Lindrian commented on a Page, Away system v0.9 - With dialog! [UPDATED!]  -  Mar 20, 2007

well, the variable is needed, atleast I dont know another way, for example: When u click a reason in the list, the variable is set, and I really have no idea how I shall change %reason into $awaymsg, I can only use $awaymsg when i use the /away function, which would be /away $awaymsg
But, since the variable is already set into %reason, and it fills the same function as $awaymsg and a little more, I realy dont see any need to change it.

(If I would change, it would be the lines near if ($did == 10) { and down to 11, correct?)

But as said, if I wont get a very good reason, or maybe it\'ll do a better function, theres no need to change it ;p.

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