DarthReven commented on a Page, Mass join/part protection  -  Mar 15, 2007

Also to shorten you code alittle bit and make it operate a bit better instead of using: \'if ($nick !isop %chan) || ($nick !ishop %chan) {\' you can use \'if ($nick($chan,$nick,vr)) {\' which will make the script only go off when a voiced or regular user sets it off. Also in your alias rather then having 12 if (%variable) or if (!%variable) we can just simplify this by using an $iif statement like this: \'echo -a Channel: $iif(%chan,%chan,ERROR - The Channel is not set! Type /chan_flood and edit it!)\' which will handle both instances in one line and makes the script much neater. Other then those few things you have what looks to be a pretty good code just work on improving the way in which you code your scripts and you\'ll be making even better ones soon. Good job

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