kaerumaimai86   -  Dec 01, 2022

Landis Co., Ltd.

kaerumaimai86  -  Dec 01, 2022

I found a job for an electrical contractor in Chiba City, a workplace that undertakes a wide range of construction work, not only electrical wiring, but also instrumentation equipment, mobile communication equipment, and security equipment (*'▽')

Due to business expansion, we are looking for new staff members.
When it comes to electrical work, people tend to think that "you can't start without experience and qualifications", but it seems that there are many people who started with no experience, including those who changed jobs from different industries, so it's safe!

■Company name
Landis Co., Ltd.

■ KW
Chiba city electrical work job

■ Location
1108-95 Kaizuka-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba (Landis Co., Ltd.)

■ Business hours

■Regular holiday
Sundays, Holidays

■ HP

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