kaerumaimai86   -  Dec 01, 2022

Grazia Dance Studio

kaerumaimai86  -  Dec 01, 2022

I found a dance school in Kyoto that has a dance studio with a homely atmosphere, where students and instructors enjoy harmoniously and enjoy lessons that match each individual's goals (*'▽')

It seems that you can learn various genres of dance such as K-POP, hip hop, soul rock, and house, and it seems that lessons are also held in Notogawa, Kuzuha, and Shiraumecho☆

■ School name
Grazia Dance Studio

■ KW
Kyoto City Dance School

■ Location
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward Mibu Bojocho 53-6 Bojo Building 3-4 (Grazia Dance Studio)

■ Business hours

■ HP

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