RussellReal commented on a Page, Jumbled Text Alias  -  Feb 05, 2007

it doesn\'t scramble 2 and 3 letter words, because the concept of this script is to only scramble letters inside the first and last letter for example: omfg it will \'attempt\' to scramble up \"mf\" however, \"mf\" doesn\'t have very many different combinations so sometimes the 4 letter word stays the same, however \"street\" it will attempt to scramble \"tree\" and there is 4 letters there so there \'should\' be 16 combinations so its less likely to still be \"street\" after the script scrambles the word. for example: \"street\" would/might return \"sretee\" because the first letter: s and the last letter: e remain first and last letters, so a 3 letter word will not change because say \"one\" the \"n\" is the only letter inside the word so it doesn\'t attempt to scramble this word because even if it did it wouldn\'t change, and \"it\" is ONLY the first and last letters there arn\'t any in between so it skips 2 letter words also, it works the way it was intended to work, but thanks for the comments and the scores guys appreciate it :)

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