fluentmsl   -  Oct 11, 2020

99 Colours - mIRC Colour Script 2020
version 1.2

SCREENSHOT: https://jackpond.uk/mirc/colourpicker/colourpicker.png
DOWNLOAD: https://jackpond.uk/mirc/colourpicker/colourpicker.rar

After the new updated version of mIRC which now enables 99 colours on its colourpicker, I thought I would make a script that made setting your input text with these new colours easy as pie.

Required mIRC version: 7.62 or above


1) Place colourpicker.mrc in your mIRC directory ( //run $mircdir )

2) Copy the entire 'coltex' folder into your mIRC directory. The script will read it as a subfolder (nice and tidy!)

3) Run /load -rs colourpicker.mrc

4) Colour picker will open if you press "yes" to initiate the script. If not;

5) You can find the colour picker under "Commands" in the menu bar, or by typing /colourpicker

6) If you have any questions, queries, bugs or caterpillars, please let me know!


12th October 2020

  • Added checkbox to include use of colouring ' /me ' commands
  • Checked timezone to correct to non-UK spelling of 'colour' to 'color'
  • Added protection against accidentally setting your font background to the same colour as mIRC theme's currentbackground
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