Hawkee   -  Feb 15, 2020

I'm trying to figure out what to do with this site. The spam is really a huge problem. I'd love to change things around, but I don't know what I could do to make it successful. I don't think just another code snippet sharing platform has much of a place online, so I need to completely reimagine this site. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

Cheiron  -  Feb 16, 2020

Discourse is a very good community forum to use. We have been using it now for our new Linux Operating system site..

afp_romania  -  Mar 31, 2021

You have a lot of spammers because its a phpbb platform. If you change the login ID tags for buttons and input, the bots want login/register again, because those bots have an automated preconfigured sets of buttons names.
You can opt for security question: Whats the capital of Romania? And the answer goes to Bucharest. Well, the bots dont have this kind of answer in databse, so, you can add whatever you want. For my platform, for example, i dont have any kind of security (no captcha, no swcurity questions, no google verification), because i only change the name of the buttons :D

Sasuke  -  Apr 06, 2021

Came back after 13 years to see if there are any scripts for Discord bots. Perhaps... this is the way?

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