VxD aka DEATHJ0KER   -  Jan 15, 2020

mIRC VxD script NҾ₢⃝№щΐ₵ᴑᴎ ❽
☠ Rev.50

is a mIRC script that allows you to manage the graphics of the mIRC client in many aspects.
Can change the look and feel of mIRC has never been so easy 100% customizable

This Script is evolving to enable any combination of style, color and aspects of graphic display effect to your dialog window with DCX.dll and other notes Dlls combined with each other.

Latest version Ver 8.50

The minimum requirements for the installation are;

  • NET Framework versions 4.5
  • Dual core processor or higher graphics adapter to medium-high.
  • mIRC v7.58 or above
  • Windows 10

● full script updated download to https://vxd.mobi/necronomicon.html

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