Cheiron commented on a Page, Search Ip from connect info For Cheiron on Sep 23, 2019  -  Nov 04, 2019

Having numerous issues here.

firstly.. i can only trigger it on the botself and not from a command from a user in the room
secondly.. it constantly tells me there is no recorded data for ip number found

Thats initial report back

Tai_Pan  -  Nov 06, 2019

This code records the IP and nicknames of the people entering and leaving the server from the moment you add it by making mirc script Alt + R. Place the IP.txt document in the mIRC home directory. Replace on :input:#Ops:{ on :text:#Ops:{ with so that everyone can use it... Set server ports to your own server. LİNE: var %_girs = $iif(%_hub == at,%_port HUB,$iif(%_port == 6667,Mobil,$iif(%_port == 7003,Web,IRC)))

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