oldfix commented on a Page, IP / Nick tracker  -  Apr 20, 2019

this script prevents wrong nick tracking detection? Because I used several scripts and addon and when i am connected in several channels at the same time, i got wrong nick detection. Does your script work in order to prevent this?

Cheiron  -  Apr 20, 2019

You will never be able to prevent a false option sadly as nearly everyone has a dynamic ip and with vpn's and stuff about...
These trackers are merely to give an educated "guess" at best..... and should never be taken as gospel

oldfix  -  Apr 26, 2019

Hello, thank you for your answer. I have a question: what kind of verification do the bots use to use in order to prevent wrong detection? When I enter the cmd !seen nickname, the channel bot does not give wrong nick detection even if the channel is visited from a bunch of users who might have a dynamic IP. I know that there are 3 types of verification $address(nick, 1) $address(nick, 2) $address(nick, 3) . I have 3 different which use three kind of verification method ( obviously I use it one at time and not together ) This was just my question. Sorry for my bad english, I am not an english speaker native

Cheiron  -  May 05, 2019

This script merely logs against the connection any nicks used during the session adds to it.. it is possible to trip it up if multiple users use same nick or if the user's ip changes.

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