Cheiron commented on a Page, Anti cloned nicks  -  Mar 11, 2019

Nice idea and script. Have you allowed for things like netsplits (where services go down) and folks rejoin on mass to find they all change by default to a fixed "Default1234" nick ?

simo  -  Mar 12, 2019

somehow hawkee wont allow changes to posts i wanted to update it but i get weird replies about adding code while code is there and already posted

but its a good thing to think about the netsplit scenario

Cheiron  -  Mar 12, 2019

It was more of an observation more than anything.. alot of clients dont use auto-id .. and on netsplits or if services go down.. its an all too familiar sight lol .. en-mass nick change to server default

simo  -  Nov 15, 2021

edited with netsplit check

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