fluentmsl   -  Dec 26, 2018

What I'm making:
mIRC socket bot with SQL

Requirements: mIRC >V6.2
Netadmin Oper Privileges
Services root access
Some features may require additional services/ircd modules

What it does/will do:
-) Completely regulate staff based on a user level you specify for them on the SQL database, allowing you to add staff members through your website and restrict connections to registered members, and other features
-) Use your website password to login - integrates closely with NickServ and OperServ to help link in to Services
-) Restrict rooms to age/gender/staff/unregistered etc
-) Eliminate the need for anyone to require Services permissions
-) Pre-defined warn/kick/ban system
-) User notes
-) Display online staff
-) Make reports to staff
-) Added #help help
-) and more! Just ask!

Would you like something like this? It's designed to run from an mirc client and be modular, and an easy-to-build-on scripting API
Attached: If you /msg Bot HELP as a superadmin (level 10)


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