sherazzun commented on a Page, irccloud / mibbit / kiwiirc  -  Nov 12, 2018

hello i m using this on Dalnet and i found little bug in it when i manually just ban a user it automatically unban it, but when i kickband then it unabn complete host and ban just ident screenshot for your easy reference, please check

psykoo  -  Nov 24, 2018

The script is working as intended.

My only question, was the ident ban removed manually or auto?

sherazzun  -  Nov 26, 2018

script is working fine issue is that when i manually just ban host script auto unaban that host

psykoo  -  Nov 27, 2018

Exactly, this script does not allow you to place host bans on irccloud... only ident bans.

sherazzun  -  Nov 28, 2018

but on dalnet some time we did host ban too thats why i need it ore if i manually just ban a host then script should unban host and ban ident instead of host , its just unban host but didn't ban ident

psykoo  -  Nov 28, 2018

If you want to ban the host, then you don't need this script at all.

Also, when it unbans the host, it will be waiting for a irccloud user to get kicked so it can ban the ident. The script CANNOT guess who you plan to ban. Most host bans on irccloud users will affect 2-3-5-10 users... without a kick it won't know which ident to ban.

sherazzun  -  Nov 29, 2018

but i see i user who have script same as i demand , maybe he is using 2 scripts to manager it that's why i m asking the same

xplo  -  Apr 04, 2019

im using this :D

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