Hawkee   -  Nov 06, 2018

I made some adjustments to how comments and snippets are posted. The goal is to eliminate spam. It seems a number of spambots are programmed to post here and it's become quite a task to keep up with it. Hopefully these changes can drastically reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the amount of spam being posted to the site.

berend  -  Feb 13, 2019

I noticed some changes, love to come back here and look at the code I posted in 2012, I think I might post some WordPress plugin examples, is this still the right place for that?

Hawkee  -  Feb 23, 2019

Feel free to post any code you'd like!

berend  -  Jan 10, 2020

Well honestly, it is kind dead, respect you keeping it online

orangutancleaning  -  Mar 23, 2021

thanks for the effort.

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