ovelayer commented on a Page, TVMaze-Search  -  Jun 22, 2018

i like your module..however..is there anyway to make the colors changeable? you hardcode in the colors and sometimes...wow..lol
would be a nice feature..
keep up the good work

also showtimes are a good idea to add.
i use this as a layout..
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Westworld (US/HBO) - Sunday @ 9:00pm EST - (Running)
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains www.tvmaze.com/shows/1371/westworld
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Last Episode: Jun/17/2018 S02E09 "Vanishing Point"
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Next Episode: Jun/24/2018 S02E10 "The Passenger" - Airing in: 2days 2hrs 48mins

^WeSt  -  Jun 22, 2018

I didn't want to flood the output by split it in several messages, that's why i added options to pick up your custom option for your desired output.

Changing colors on output will be a tons of settings, because i have to add on seperate value option an editbox to set your custom, that will require a hole re-design that i have not the time to do it yet.

  • Thanks!
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